Wedding Tips from a Bride

Hawa and DeShawn had a beautiful wedding. Hawa shared some tips with us regarding key moments of her wedding day.

1. Having a Smooth, Graceful Wedding Procession

We had rehearsal the night before so that it was fresh in everyone’s memory. I believe it helps when most of our wedding party have been in weddings before.

2. Exchanging Touching Wedding Vows

When it’s time to write your vows, give yourself at least an hour to gather your thoughts and all your memories of your partner. Then pick a quiet place to focus on the writing as they are one of the most important things of your wedding day.

3. Enjoying a Fun Wedding Reception

Just have fun. Live in the moment. Make sure that you have a great DJ and a day-of-coordinator so that everything runs smoothly.

4. Looking Natural and Relaxed

We were both a little anxious so we were surprised that our anxiety did not show on camera. I think we are just happy that the day was finally here. A tip is to just live in the moment.

Click here to watch the wedding video of Hawa and DeShawn:

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